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Hunt Capital Partners has a history of building and maintaining long-standing, one-on-one relationships with both non-profit and for-profit affordable housing developers. Thanks to our partnerships with developers and housing authorities from all over the country, we’ve been successful in increasing the stock of quality affordable housing for low-income families, seniors, tribal members, and special-needs populations.

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HCP’s platform works interdepartmentally to deliver exceptional
relationship management services for our developer partners.

Our Acquisitions team has extensive experience in providing financial structuring and banking advice in the LIHTC industry. The team works with each developer client to craft a financial structure designed to ensure the best possible outcome outcome for every transaction in which we invest.

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Compliance can enhance relationship management value by fostering trust with stakeholders through adherence to legal responsibilities and guidelines. Additionally, it maximizes revenue through effective asset management and proactively manages insurance compliance.

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Development Risk Management proactively identifies, assesses, and mitigates potential project risks. By ensuring transparency, predictability, and accountability in project execution, the DRM team helps enhance partner satisfaction.

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Our Capital Transactions team works with our general partners to ensure a smooth transition of the limited partner’s exit from the partnership based on the general partner’s future vision for each project. Our primary goal is to ensure the project’s continued affordability for the remaining compliance period.

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Our Underwriting team provides a thorough and accurate assessment of the risks and potential returns of a project, which helps build sound trust and criteria for developer decision-making.

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Our Project Management team helps ensure that our projects are delivered on time and within budget.

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The Acquisitions Team
Omar Chaudhry

Omar Chaudhry

Senior Director, Acquisitions
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Dana Mayo

Dana Mayo

Executive Managing Director
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Mike Jacobs

Mike Jacobs

Senior Director, Acquisitions
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